Tento text je převzat od jednoho zahraničního veterináře, který se zabývá cystinuríí u jiného plemene. Zatím jsem jej vložil jen v Angličtině,
časem jej možná přeložím. Případně doporučuji text přeložit v translatoru.

- high percentage of water in food for rise the solubility of Cystein (add up to 15ml water per kilo dog per day to the food)

- add fish water (from canned fish) or milk or yogurt to the drinking water to rise the intake

- add ascorbin acid to the food 50mg per kilogram dog per day for rise the solubility

- do not use protein from soja, egg and fedders (yes, in production of dog food they use that!)

- use food with a low percentage of protein

- stabilise the urin-pH to 7,4 (measure twice a week 4 hours after feeding with a stick) and add,

    if you need Potassium citrate 150–200 mg per kilo dog per day or Sodium bicarbonate

- monitore morning urin within 30 minutes under the microscope for cristals of cystein in the first time monthly

- make your own food 200g muscle meat (rare weight), 350g (Sweet) potatoes (cooked weighed), 90g Dairy products,

120g high potassium vegetables, 10g oils, 6g Optimix ( for vitamins and minerals)


Meat: Beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and possibly horse, goat and game

Carbohydrates: potatos or sweet potatos cooked for 15-20mins, instead of that you can use potato flakes 150g (mix with 4-times volume of hot water)

Diary prods: Cottage cheese, cream cheese, quark, yogurt, low-fat quark and buttermilk (with oder without lactulose, depending on consistance of feacies)

vegies, fruits rich in potassium (fresh or flakes of them or canned):

rare: Celery, endive, lamb's lettuce, fennel, carrot, lettuce, ripe tomatoes and lettuce

cooked: Cauliflower, broccoli, celeriac, kohlrabi, pumpkin, parsnip, Brussels sprouts and pointed cabbage

for more energy : Peas, lentils and white beans (makes flatulentes)

do not use: Onions, garlic, leeks, avocado, grapes and raisins

oils: 3/4 of Safflower, hemp or sunflower oil AND 1/4 salmon oil (alternativ

Do not use playtoys made from cattle, swine in the first half year, while the urin pH is not stabile yet, use instead wooden articles (for better smell leave wood in a plastic bag with bacon over night), use toes of beef


In case of building new stones in the bladder I would buy Troponin as substance and use it for solution, otherwise I would not use this.